Sails round Malta
Types of Sea Vessels 1600BC-1900AD

Joseph Muscat
Pubblikazzjonijiet independenza, 2008

Ouvrage en langue anglaise.

Sails Round Malta is projected to illustrate the different periods and the different typologies of ships that sailed round the Maltese Islands. Maltese boat and ship builders made a name for themselves while constructing fine examples of vessels.

Moreover, Maltese men always employed their time as corsairs, sailor and fishermen.

All rulers of the Mediterranean influenced Malta and her people and consequently all boat and shipbuilding terms and technology bear witness to foreign assimilations through the ages. The golden years for Maltese galley and warship builders were those that covered the period when the Order of St John was in Malta (1530-1798). That implied the application of French technology but after 1800 the local workforce was to follow British technology when excellent brigs and barques were launched successfully year after year.

516 pages
format : 32,5 x 24,5 cm
ISBN : 978-99932-41-91-1


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